Install Some Movie Magic

Install Some Movie Magic

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Home Theatre

Creating the perfect atmosphere for watching sporting events, cartoons or the latest thriller requires more than just a comfy couch and popcorn – you need the right lighting. Not only are dimmers a must for any TV area, why not also consider adding low-ambient floor lighting? This is a great technique for lighting the way to the nearest bathroom when the home theatre is in use. It also gives younger kids enough illumination to play while you watch the newest “must see” program.

Looking for the latest television and sound system on the market? Ask your Licensed Electrical Contractor if you need extra circuits or to increase power requirements. From a design perspective, a home theatre that has immersive sound but no wires in sight is ideal. According to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, electrical cables have to be kept at least 2.5 centimetres away from duct work and heating pipes to be safe. Make sure everything is installed correctly by talking with your Licensed Electrical Contractor to determine how to hide the wires, before closing up the walls. Early planning saves time and money.

For the ultimate relaxed ambience consider adding a gas fireplace surrounded by built-ins for extra storage and illuminate your favourite objects if you have display shelving. When planning your home theatre space, keep in mind that there are specific electrical considerations for installing a gas fireplace. You’ll need an outlet installed in the right spot for power controls, like the ignition transformer, thermostat and/or fan. If room permits you can hide the TV within the built-ins. This allows you to use the space more comfortably for entertaining when TV is not the focus.

If entertaining is a key feature of your basement, then consider adding a wet bar. Find a niche for a small bar fridge to keep beer and wine chilled. Add a dishwasher for bar and stemware. Any outlets installed within 1.5 metres of a sink need to be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent shocks. Keep this in mind if you’re considering a coffee bar as well.

  • Add drama to your home theatre by painting the walls a medium to dark colour.