Power Your Home

From smart phones to electric cars, innovative new technology is helping to make our lives a little easier, better, and safer. How can you make sure you and your family are getting the most out of the latest tech? And how can you tell if it’s installed properly and safely? We can help.

With Power Your Home from ESA, we can provide helpful advice and tips from home technology experts. Check back soon for upcoming articles on:

  • Home theatres
  • Electric cars
  • Smart phones
  • The latest gadgets

Meet Marc Saltzman

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Marc Saltzman is one of the most recognized and trusted technology evangelists in North America. Marc is a freelance columnist for more than 40 publications (including a syndicated column with USA TODAY), a prolific (16-time) author, radio and television personality, public speaker, and host of “Gear Guide,” which runs on Cineplex movie theatre screens across Canada. Marc specializes in consumer electronics, online technology, business tech, interactive entertainment, and future trends.

Add Special Effects to Your Setup

Tech expert Marc Saltzman shows you the latest gadgets—4K TVs, smart lighting, and wi-fi thermostats—that will make your home viewing experience Hollywood-worthy.

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Tech Tips to Create a Smart Home

Tech expert Marc Saltzman shares his tips to elevate the home with the latest home tech to keep it safe, secure and efficient.

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