Power Your Outdoors

This summer, make your outdoors comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly, safe. Before you start, ask yourself a few questions. Who’s going to use the space? What will it be used for most often? Are there secondary uses for the space? What can you do to future-proof your yard, so it continues to meet your needs for years to come?

By developing the right plan, your outdoor space will be powered to perform. To get the outdoor retreat you’ve been dreaming of, start your planning early and work with a design professional and Licensed Electrical Contractor.

From the garden to the pool, scroll down to get all the expert advice and electrical safety tips you need from ESA:

  • Pools & Water Features
  • Indoor/Outdoor Living Areas
  • Gardens & Greenspace
  • Entertaining

Dive Right In

Turn your backyard into an oasis with ponds, pools, hot tubs and spas. But since we all know that water and electricity don’t mix, be sure to get input from your Licensed Electrical Contractor before you start.

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